Tree-hugging treason from Peter’s Chair

On Saturday, 1 September, His Holiness Pope Benedict betrayed conservative followers everywhere, declaring the next day to be “Save Creation Day”

Benedict touched on issue of  decaying family values, and lamented the “failure of love”, encouraging the crowd on hand that they can, nevertheless, overcome these pitfalls of the modern era and, in fact, make marriage succeed.

However, for most of his talk he strayed from core values, speaking of the importance of preserving the environment, even going so far as to have passed to all in attendance recycled-plastic knapsacks containing sundry environmentally friendly items. 

We find some relief, though, in his free-market approach to some of this liberalism: He is paying for a forestry project in order to offset the Vatican’s carbon emissions, following in his predecessor’s footsteps by showing through actions that neither the free market nor statism alone holds the answers to the worlds problems, be they legitimate or environmental.

The conservative American Catholic must now wait to see if his political leaders, particularly Sen. Brownback, who runs for president presently, will follow in the Holy Father’s footsteps, or will hold on to their orthodoxy. 


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