Southern-fried Reagan enters race; I’ll stick with Texan cuisine

After what surely amounted to nothing less than complete anguish (Certainly, D.A. Arthur Branch proved to be a much better source of income.), former Tennessee senator/actor Fred Thompson has announced that he will, in fact, compete for the Republican nomination for the presidency, joining an already crowded field of dignified hacks looking to keep the Oval Office in the hands of the G.O.P., hoping they can ride on the coattails of Mr Bush.Mr Thompson’s decision disappoints for two reasons. First, his entrance only further pushes Mr Paul, the Constitutionalist Republican who represents the Fourteenth District of Texas, out of the limelight, thereby lessening the already unfathomable likelihood that he might receive any attention from the Fourth Estate. All of the internet polls and support groups in the world will not successfully spread his message to the general public, who might actually then realize that he, the (relatively) anti-Establishment candidate, is a worthy choice.

More frustrating, though, is that a city such as New York likely will see the return of a full-term district attorney who fails to realize the unfortunate natures of both Roe v. Wade and the designated hitter.


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