I first read of Archbishop Ncube’s adultery scandal with sadness: Yet another blemish on the Holy Mother Church, Who has in recent years endured so much at the hands of sexually deviant clerics. Now, I read it with a new sadness. Various parties in Zimbabwe assert that Ncube, who denies, wholeheartedly, the allegations against him, has fallen victim to tyrant Robert Mugabe and his thug “securicrats”.

For Ncube and the Church, this, obviously, is an ugly situation. He has lost a seat from which, so far as the author has discovered, he served his faithful well. Perhaps, though, more than Ncube, the country suffers from this tragic course of events. No longer speaking from his chair, Ncube, undoubtedly, loses some of the gravity with which he criticises the corruption of Mr Mugabe, whose responsibility for the downfall of the nation’s economy virtually no one can deny.

The people of Zimbabwe, whatever their religious stripe, have been denied a leader whom they desperately need. I suspect Ncube’s reinstatement to be quite unlikely, for various reasons. One hopes, nevertheless, that he continue to speak out until some nation or rogue individual grows courageous enough to assassinate or otherwise incapacitate


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