In the works

That I have been absolutely inattentive to this blog for too long, allowing it to go without new posts for more than a month, has become quite evident to me. Presently, though, I lack sufficient time, patience, and clarity of mind necessary for an adequate update beyond this confession-cum-preview of things to come.

As I progress further in my Master in Community Planning program, I become more and more cognizant of two things: My conservatism makes me a minority in the field, and many parties to the Right seem to oppose, for one reason or another, much of urban planning, particular New Urbanist and Smart Growth policies for which I have much affinity. In the near future, as I return with greater dedication to updating this page, I will present defenses of urban planning, from the conservative perspective, through remarks on economic efficiency, social and moral order, cultural preservation, and conservation. Additionally, I hope to present a defense of local planning as a conservative reaction and solution to the many errors of the paternalistic state of the past (e.g., Urban renewal).

Bear with me, forgive my infidelity to you, my readers, and anticipate new posts in the near future.



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