From the final paper for my Planning Process class – Oh boy!

Planners, doubtless, have a special role advocating for those marginalized because of their cultural handicaps. However, when they worry too much about nannying, rather than prodding, they do a disservice to their constituents: They seemingly discount the values of the majority in favor of those of the minority whilst at the same time restricting the abilities of these marginalized groups. The extreme multiculturalism that has become the ideology du jour of a convoluted post-modern conception of planning already composed of various conflicting perspectives marks only the most recent of many manifestations of half-brained theories that conceal any type of common sense approach to planning rooted in humanistic philosophy and an understanding of “community” that recognizes some sort of normative values extant in society. Just as the “planner” in Barnga [a process-teaching role-playing game] forced newcomers to adapt, planners must facilitate adaptation and assimilation as much as they promote diversity awareness and serve as advocates.

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