Yep, I suck at life.

So, more than a month-and-a-half’s time has elapsed since I made promises that I’ve yet to keep, a month’s since I posted anything at all. In about twenty-six hours I re-settle in Hyattsville, and vow to return with dedication to this weblog. I still hope to offer some insights in defense of planning from the conservative perspective, as well as finally, as I some weeks ago had hoped to do, to present some reflections on my first semester in a program home primarily to social democrats, greens, American liberals, pretty much everyone else to the left of Ted Kennedy, and me, one professor of which has turned a friend, in his own words, into a socialist. Perhaps I’ll also have something worthwhile to say about the wide-open race for the G.O.P. nomination (I still support Mr Paul, his non-existent chance notwithstanding.), Barack Obama’s amazing oratorical abilities (and concomitant large ears), whether Mitt or Rudy is the bigger d’bag, and the odds that Mr Kucinich is actually the guy from Little People, Big World on stilts.


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