Another noteworthy Buchananite piece on McCain

Even as Governor Huckabee performs his magic, taking two of three races on Saturday, McCain remains the nominee-in-waiting. As this becomes clearer, considering this article, penned by Mr Buchanan in the most recent issue of The American Conservative, becomes all the more important.

Though the wisdom of my years (Yep, all twenty-four of ’em!) has tempered the once unquestioned support I, as a politically precocious pre-teen, once possessed, I still stand behind Pat Buchanan. (Yes, I admit it, though I fear that this may utterly offend some of my dearest friends.) Some of the opinions he expresses in the article show where he and I differ: I fear global warming and oppose drilling in ANWR; I have mixed feelings about Senator McCain’s collaboration with Senator Feingold. (On other points, I further disagree with Mr Buchanan, either on the matter wholesale or in degree.)

For the most part, however, I fear that Mr Buchanan has hit the proverbially nail on the head with this column. And it scares the hell out of me. I respect Senator McCain as a war hero and a sincerely dedicated public servant. He is, I have no doubt, possessed of but the best intentions. Nevertheless, bad policy guided by good intentions is still bad policy. And America, I have no doubt, faces the certain doom of at least four more years of neo-imperialist, statist capitalism (perhaps slightly less capitalistic and slightly more libertine and statist, should a Democrat win, which I expect not to happen, though, I contend, no less imperialistic, regardless of rhetoric employed). God help us all.

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