And Iran, Iran so far away

Ought we really to worry that Ahmadinejad has any real interest — or adequate political support — to pose a threat to the West worthy of more American imperialist bullying? I think not, if he must deal with this sort of division within Persia’s borders:

“We believe we should open the atmosphere in the country, give more freedom and practice detente in the international arena. The newcomers are dogmatic and don’t believe in the wishes of the people,” said Montajabnia, the cleric, who is a member of the National Trust Party and part of the reformist coalition. “This is a power struggle for the political direction of this country.” 

That’s clear pretense for a Bush-, McCain-, or Obama- (maybe even Hillary-?) commanded liberation of the Iranian populace, right?

Read MSNBC’s full article from the Washington Post here.


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