I’m becoming way too bitter toward McCain — and about the GOP

Sitting at Carmax today, waiting for my ex-roommate Josh to finish dealing with those auto-super-store bozos, I watched a bit of Fox News (which played when I sat down; I could not find a remote control). I watched an interview at Camp David (Josh, not wholly lacking seriousness, speculated that it was just a blue screen.) with President Bush, summed up here.

Now, I differ on a sufficient number of issues with most mainstream (and neo-, for sure) conservatives to question my own conservatism. Ultimately, of course, I call into question theirs, rather than my own. Many of these right-wing neo-liberals cry foul, asserting that Senator McCain fails to meet those criteria that make one a true conservative. President Bush, who bested McCain in 2000, and with whom McCain has differed numerously, defended the Arizona maverick’s credentials.

He convinced, if no one else, yours truly: John McCain, if President Bush defines himself and the Senator, both, as such, is no conservative.

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