Fiscal conservatism left the building a while ago

I love a good national deficit.

Quite obvious, Congressman Paul will not be our next president. Perhaps, however, his continued campaign, even scaled back, will help to bring back to the forefront the notion of fiscal responsibility.

This is why my run for the Republican nomination will not end. The principles I stand for — limited government, non-interventionism, respect for individual rights and strict adherence to the Constitution — have a long and proud tradition in the Republican Party.”    

Mr Taft would be proud. Mr Taft might have left the party by now. Had I any realistic options (Truth be told, I may harbor some desire to run for office in the near future.), I, most certain, would depart.


One Response

  1. I’m glad Paul ran. It was a special delight to see him on stage, making conservative arguments againsts the sacred policies of conservatives today. I hope some last good has come of it.

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