Just as our bureaucracy, I could stand for a bit of a down-sizing

Sean at The Blue Boar, one of my (newly discovered) favorite weblogs, has commenced this Lent a rather ambitious plan to free himself of one hundred and thirty unwanted pounds. Read about it here: the title alone suffices to engage the reader; it ought, at least, to do so.

Truth be told, such aims, though on a much smaller scale, in part drive my annual Lenten abstention from the drink. Last summer I managed to sweat and virtually to starve (at times! Of course, I hyperbolize for good measure, too.) off thirty pounds; “freeing” myself from the drudgeries of honest labor and returning to the liberating realm of academia (and more frequent social drinking) put to an end adequately such discipline and physical efforts that I’ve regained nigh a third of the weight previously discarded. Not having reached quite as low a point as I might have desired, and, in any case, not having sculpted my body at all, and now having regained some of those pounds, having failed not only carefully to watch what I eat but also with any diligence to attend to any sort of exercise routine, I finally, between ever-hiding-just-beneath-the -surface goals that I’ve harbored and my being inspired by Mr Dailey at The Blue Boar, have decided that no time serves better than the present for getting myself physically healthier, both as an end and as a means to the ends of healthier mind and soul. My first step, I suspect, will be to attempt to sleep on a more normal schedule, followed by continued improvement in my eating habits and more regular — and intense — forays into fitness-promoting activities.

I welcome and appreciate any encouragement in whatever form suits best: prayer, verbal encouragement, forced hard labor. And so, too, I suspect, does Sean.

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  1. Thank you very much for the plug, and good luck in your own efforts. I’ll pray for you too.


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