I rarely find myself to be in agreement with teachers’ unions . . .

but I share sentiments with them vis-à-vis Britain’s Department for Children, Schools, and Families’ plan to provide access to “at least five hours of high-quality culture per week” to children.

There is to be a particular focus on “those who would otherwise miss out”.Teachers’ unions applauded the aims but said there were practical difficulties and queries over who would pay.There are to be £25m pilot schemes in 10 areas – with local authorities invited to bid to take part – involving visits to top theatre shows, galleries and museums.Other options in the “Find Your Talent” scheme include acting, singing and learning a musical instrument or making a film 

Generally, I’d be more supportive of such measures on a local level; however, I’m far too realistic (cynical?) to expect such things, and, really, in this day when one can, I presume, in some places earn a Bachelor of Arts without reading Aristotle or dedicating some more-than-negligible amount of time to listening to and learning about pre-modern forms of music, anything of this nature can only serve to better our lot.

Perhaps, in time, if this project succeeds, we might see similar attempts here in the States, where exposing our children to high culture amounts to witnessing a stereotypical French character in Will Ferrell’s Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

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