Where’s the beef?

Not, I hope, on my plate if it arrived at the Greenbelt Co-op from the Chino, CA-based Westland/Hallmark Meat Co.. As James of PoMoCo notes on The American Scene, this is, truly, a crunchy con issue.

Call me a stuck-in-another-time, antiquated agrarian if you will, but something is entirely unsettling about the amount of beef that this one company manufactures. (Yes, “manufactures”: There’s nothing agricultural, no “raising” beef, about this company.) So long as we continue to demand such quantities of meat (Not that anyone, by any means, ought to infer that I suggest adapting — or even really condone! — vegetarianism!) for unrealistic prices, we will be left to settle for less palatably enjoyable dishes, produced from non-organically fed, cage-contained animals treated harshly by a system that rapes the earth as it violates the rights of these animals (A contentious subject whereupon I will not further touch) and separates man from the land, and, consequently, man from himself and his God.

More here.


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