A sign of end times?

As he often does, my roommate Dustin, home for lunch, tuned the big-screen to Maury. A most remarkable scenario, one almost disappointing to the sick type of person who enjoys such programming, arose.

Dawan is the father of a year-old son born to his ex-girlfriend. A young black man, certainly no more than twenty-years old, living with his parents still, Dawan is a exemplary father, quite the anomaly in a nation in which so many black children grow up without a father present. Though he and the child’s mother are no longer romantically involved, they remain good friends, and Dawan does all that he can to support the child whom he dearly loves.

The mother of the child brought Dawan on to national television to reveal a dark secret, one that has torn at her heart for some time, to him: Whilst they dated, she cheated on him, and her one-time partner may have, in fact, rather than Dawan, impregnated her. Though quite hurt, Dawan asserted that, biological father or not, he will continue to love and to support his child. He is, in fact, the father.

Most of the guests on the show were involved in “I know that tramp’s baby ain’t mine, he don’t look nothin’ like me; his feet are too small” cases. The mothers had brought the men on so that, despite these would-be fathers’ claims and wishes, DNA testing could prove the men wrong. This is much more typical daytime talk fare. But here we have Dawan, brought on because he might not be the child’s father, and he not only hopes that he is, but insists that the test’s results will change nothing.

Remarkable. Poor formula for successful trash television, but an amazing exception to a sad, sad rule.


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    p.s. apparently Nate was enjoying himself enough to memorize the entire episode o_O

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