Memorial Day

To-day, we remember those who have surrendered their lives serving in our armed forces, men and women who have, for one reason or another, made service to their country (more likely, nation) prior to their own well-being. We all have known friends, family, peers who have enlisted; many of us have known some of them to return to the States in bags. I count a high school classmate amongst them (May Mike rest in peace); and though his death, self-inflicted, was non-combat-related, the frustrations in his life would not have reached the point that drove him to his premature death had he not been in the hell that is Mesopotamia, one of more than a million pawns in an incomprehensible geo-political chess match.

I have, I must concede, come to believe that the notion of the ultimate sacrifice is, in fact, the ultimate lie, perpetuated by the neo-Wilsonian hate-mongers to sustain their project of spreading democratic capitalism across the world, hoping to make everyone else as miserably as we. This is not at all meant to disparage those who serve, those who have served, and those who have made the sacrifice. Quite contrarily, I believe that, duped as they have been by organs of agitprop, they have believed that their actions have been for the greater good, and, opposed to the war as I am, I cannot condemn them for their misguided sense of patriotism — nationalism masquerading as patriotism, it really is — and continue to respect and appreciate them, as well as to recognize the sacrifices made — by those who live and those who die — as being pure in intent, regardless of the machinations of the neo-Wilsonian apparatchiks.

Returning then, to my point, I do believe that we — soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, as well as citizens — foolishly have bought wholesale into this myth, that dying a hero in Iraq, or Syria, or Darfur, or wherever our current or next c.-in-c. deploys troops, is the ultimate sacrifice, something for which we ought to be proud of our fallen soldiers. These men and women are not dying for some great cause, for their patria, or for their family; they die for reasons so utterly unintelligible that, beyond contending that they’re unConstitutional, silly, and immoral, I shall not attempt to explain what they are. Had oil something to do with our current debacle? I have no doubt. Petty personal revenge? Probably. But, ultimately, without attempting to get into specifics, I fear that it’s the legacy of Wilson, of the Roosevelts, of Lincoln, of the Jacobins, and not preservation of the fatherland, of culture, or of decency, that leads our young Americans prematurely to death’s door. It’s sad.

May God bless and keep those who serve, may He welcome into His Kingdom those who have made this “ultimate sacrifice”, and may those whose lies and deceit have placed so many in harm’s way be prepared to meet God’s judgment when their times come.


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