What, come November?

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party, wisely rejecting crazy Senator Gravel and nut-job feminist Mary Ruwart, selected former GOP Congressman Bob Barr as its nominee for PotUS. Shortly thereafter, the party nominated Wayne Allyn Root as Barr’s v.p. 

I know little about Root; that he has a background in small business interests me greatly, in principle if not because I think that it will provide any meaningful asset to a typically meaningless office (Cheneyism being the notable exception.) Dylan Waco, at the Left Conservative, previously expressed skepticism toward a Barr-fronted ticket, “but had been given some hope after watching his debate performance last night”, until Root received the nod. 

Waco alone hardly suffices to convince me of the perniciousness of a Barr-Root ticket, particularly because a vote for the L.P. can be little more than something of a protest vote, or, at best, akin to a vote for Ron Paul (which I should have cast, had I filed to vote absentee), part of an incipient movement toward change — but not, indisputably, a vote for a legitimate contender. I shall direction much attention toward this ticket in the coming months. And if it disappoints me, I have another option!

Former Moral Majoritarian and Baptist pastor Chuck Baldwin handily defeated Alan Keyes, who had no business at the party’s convention, to win the nod from the Constitution Party. I admit that his being a Baptist pastor and his background give me pause, but he’s right on government, right on foreign policy, and pretty close to right (perhaps a bit too conservative — but only a bit – on some social issues for my tastes, still vulgarly afflicted by a bit of “open-mindedness”). Furthermore, he originally hails from LaPorte County, IN, directly north of my home. 

Neither Barr nor Baldwin is perfect. Both, however, represent conservative veins much closer to mine than the GOP has come to espouse. (The GOP hardly embraces conservatism at all.) Obama all but has the Democrats’ nomination; Clinton, I suppose, could mount an independent campaign, which I should very much like to see. Not that I’d support her. Obama might not, as my libertarian, agnostic/atheist friend Megan insists, be the anti-Christ, but he is pretty wretched. I can’t support his policies, and I can’t support a man who would not be a serious contender were he white. Ol’ Geraldine was right; it may be an ugly truth, but it’s truth nonetheless. An eloquent, intelligent, inspirational-to-the-vacuously minded former community activist who now serves in his first term in the Senate who were just another South Side Irish guy would be a first-term Senator and nothing more. 

My vote won’t matter in November, at least not directly. But I at least have choices this year, and, even if the Hippies-of-the-Right movement ultimately fails within the collapsing big tent of the GOP, hope exists outside. Long live the Republic. 


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