Could someone please lobotomize Sean Hannity?

On his website (One simply must love the inspiring, patriotic poses of Hannity across the top!), “conservative” pundit Sean Hannity has posted his Top 10 Items for Victory, victory, one assumes, not for conservatism, the Republic, or liberty, but for the G.O.P.

Perhaps, most telling of why Hannity needs, for the greater good, to be lobotmized is that he makes one and only one reference to the Constitution, this when, making point nine, he refers to the need for judges “who recognize that their job is to interpret, and NOT legislate from the bench.” (He’s missing a “to” there; this may be evidence of a prior, botched lobotomy, which the proposed procedure will replace.)

More mind-boggling to me is the repeated use of “unnecessary” quotation marks. The following seem to be the case:                                                                    

a) The candidate can be willing to negotiate with dictators with pre-conditions.    

b) The candidate should opposed energy independence.

c) Hannity supports nationalized health care.

d) Catastrophic insurance is irrelevant.

e) (See point seven) Our children are screwed.

f) The candidate must be pro-life vis-à-vis education. (Again, point seven.)

g) Hannity cares neither about Social Security nor about allowing private retirement funds that restrain people from having a say in their own destiny.

Hannity, himself, seems not to have received much of an education in grammar and writing. Or anything else for that matter. His ideas are banal and cliché at best, fundamentally pernicious to America and the world at worst. 

Please, someone, yank out part of his brain. I doubt anyone at FNC will even notice.

3 Responses

  1. I’ve found that following “mainstream” conservatives is one of my easiest ways to enter a mode of depression.

  2. “Could someone please lobotomize Sean Hannity?”

    I believe someone already has.

  3. Long Island is the home of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Archie Bunker.

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