All Heller breaks loose.

My timidly confessing to agreement with JA’s comment in response to Jim Manzi notwithstanding, I do believe in the (non-absolute) right to arm oneself appropriately as a matter of personal defense, against both common street thugs and the same sort of government that enforces the USA PATRIOT Act. (Paranoid? Maybe. Only maybe.) This being the case, I’m not perturbed by this unsurprising response:

A powerful pro-gun lobby group in the United States has filed legal challenges to handgun bans in San Francisco and Chicago.

I really enjoy how this issue has set lefty mayor Gavin “Pretty-boy Adulterer” Newsome against at least one gay citizen:

The NRA is joined in the San Francisco suit by a gay man living in a government-owned housing development who says he needs a gun to protect himself from potential hate crimes.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said the city would “vigorously fight the NRA” and said the ban was good for public safety.


Stewie Griffin explains, succinctly and unintentionally, why Obama defeated Hillary

“Why, I’d be free from your oppressive gynocracy!”

This almost makes up for Ikea

James already commented on this, but I feel that it should be disseminated as widely as possible.

A last drink proved one too many for a 78-year-old Swede who fell asleep while trying to row home – from Denmark. Reports say the man had been drinking in the Danish town of Helsingor but found he did not have enough money for the ferry home to Sweden. Instead of waiting until morning, he stole a dinghy and tried to row the 5km (three miles) across the Oresund Strait to Helsingborg, police said. But he fell asleep half way and drifted until he was rescued by the coastguard.

Music not to be missed

Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lie Down in the Light. Really, I’ve struggled to keep this one out of the car c.d. player (only a recently renewed affection for the Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me — nice contrast, eh? — has kept Lie Down from playing incessantly), and constantly play tracks from it on iTunes. I regret not seeing him when he played at Notre Dame whilst I studied there. For those of you not familiar with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, or Will Oldham, as he’s legally known, he plays intoxicatingly good, stripped down country/roots indie folk, and writes as marvelously as Dante. (Hyperbole, I concede.) Listen to “So Everyone” and tell me that anyone could make the following lines sound as sweet and beautiful, rather than dirty, as he does.

O take it, O take me,
O Take it so easy.
O make it, O make me,
O kneel down and please me.
O Lady! O Boy!
Show how you want me
and do it so everyone sees me.

Buy this compact disc (or record!).

Heller and conservatism

Over at The American Scene, Jim Manzi has posted a piece on the Supreme Court, a conservative attitude toward the judiciary, and how legitimately wide-spread “legislating from the bench” probably is.

In the comment box, JA offers a superb bit of candor with respect to Heller up to which I wish I could own.

You’re more right than wrong, Jim. A principled conservative position in Heller would have been to admit the murkiness of the 2nd Amendment’s wording and purpose, then abstain from any sweeping decisions until a correctio amendment was passed by Congress and ratified. [My emphasis – NPO.]

I could be no more honored . . .

than I am now that I have realized that Daniel Larison, hands down my favorite weblog commentator (Zmirak and Schwenkler are close; Poulos and Dreher, too!), has linked to me on Eunomia. Holy smokes, am I unworthy! I won’t try to compel him to remove me, though, of course. Thank you, Daniel.

David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, on MSNBC:

“We need a smart, new, tough policy to go after the terrorists [in Pakistan] that [sic] attacked us.” Presumably, such policy would involve disrespecting the sovereignty of yet another nation-state.

Change, huh? I hope not.