Music not to be missed

Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lie Down in the Light. Really, I’ve struggled to keep this one out of the car c.d. player (only a recently renewed affection for the Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me — nice contrast, eh? — has kept Lie Down from playing incessantly), and constantly play tracks from it on iTunes. I regret not seeing him when he played at Notre Dame whilst I studied there. For those of you not familiar with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, or Will Oldham, as he’s legally known, he plays intoxicatingly good, stripped down country/roots indie folk, and writes as marvelously as Dante. (Hyperbole, I concede.) Listen to “So Everyone” and tell me that anyone could make the following lines sound as sweet and beautiful, rather than dirty, as he does.

O take it, O take me,
O Take it so easy.
O make it, O make me,
O kneel down and please me.
O Lady! O Boy!
Show how you want me
and do it so everyone sees me.

Buy this compact disc (or record!).

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