Further proof that people are stupid

AP writers Alan Fram and Trevor Tompson, writing eloquently about the unsurprisingly stupid responses from the American public, have this wholly unexpected tid-bit to offer:

Ask people to blurt out their first words about the two presidential candidates and one in five say “change” or “outsider” for Barack Obama and “old” for John McCain, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll released Monday.

Yes, McCain is old, for better or for worse. Numerous position flaws of his trouble me, however, far more than his age: My grandfather has twenty-two-plus years on him, and, I contend, would make a far wiser chief executive than the esteemed senator. What, of course, truly infuriates me is that the American public, by and large, it seems, remains foolish enough to believe that Senator Obama truly stands for the change that he and his supports champion in chorus after chorus. As I have contended here and here, and Daniel and the Schwenk have, far more astutely, noted, Senator Obama represents real change, offers any source of true and last hope, about as much as President Bush embodies the intellectual prowess for which we recognize his alma mater. Finally, (half-)black or not, Senator Obama, too, possesses and Ivy League education and came up through the farm system, so to speak, that is the Chicago political machine. Hardly an outsider is he.

Perhaps, some-day, if even only in response to cataclysm, the American populace will take the time really to educate itself, and we, then, may have legitimate opportunities for change. Echoing myself, I note that I remain bitterly pessimistic.


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