Hurray micro-agrarianism (and the small business that it helps)!

From the South Bend Tribune, back home in my beloved northern Indiana:

TERRE HAUTE (AP) — A growing number of Indiana residents are dusting off their spades — and their green thumbs — to fight high food prices by planting vegetable gardens.

Paitson Bros. Ace Hardware in Terre Haute has seen such an increased interest in gardening among its customers that the store ordered at least 50 percent more starter plants than usual, said Susan Goodman, the store’s garden center manager.

Had I my druthers, ultimately, I should return to Indiana, buy Ray’s Super Foods (and forthwith re-re-name it Two Joes), quickly build up a chain (which, of course, would remain in my hands, rather than going public; I should, very strongly, consider, though, selling part of ownership to my employees.) of ten full-service, community-oriented grocery stores located in down-town areas throughout Northwest Indiana, and supply my stores, as much as possible, with produce and meat grown organically and naturally on my family’s farm and by area farmers whom I contract to grow equally healthy, earth-friendly food. It’s good to dream.


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