This post is for Kat Roblez and her friend April.

I started the day with a low-calorie coffee-energy drink combination and a nice four-ish-mile walk. Upon returning, I enjoyed a small breakfast of toast with jam. I spent some time online, reading the news, reading other weblogs, and quite busily updating this one. Later, I ate some lunch (a salad, some grilled peach slices, and toast with cheese on it); rode my bicycle about campus and College Park, stopping at 7-11 and the bike shop, where I exchanged my lock for one that works properly; and returned to do some crunches. Then I showered. Since showering, I’ve sorted through some clothing of which I wish to rid myself and played a few games of on-line Scrabulous. Now, I await an expected telephone call from my friend Michelle, who lives and works, presently, in Annapolis, but had to visit College Park to see the doctor this afternoon.


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