Jesse Ventura, Senator from Minnesota?

A tip of the hat to Marc Ambinder for linking to this ABC News Political Punch piece from Jake Tapper, hinting that Ventura, former Minnesota governor, might challenge incumbent Republican Norm Coleman (who, to Ventura’s dismay, supports the debacle in Iraq) and his Democratic opponent, comedian-author Al Franken. Ventura shifts from body-slams in his previous career to a couple of pretty impressive punches, one aimed at Coleman, the other, better, directed toward Franken:

Ventura said of Coleman, “the guy has not had a job in the private sector his entire adult life. He’s been collecting government checks since the day he got out of law school and went to work for the attorney general’s office. So when Norm Coleman tells people in the private sector he feels their pain, how? He’s never been in it. At least Al Franken knows what the private sector is. I would like to send him out and get a real job in the private sector.”

Ventura called Franken an opportunist and a carpetbagger. “He hasn’t lived here in 30 years, and he’s only coming back to Minnesota for the convenience of his own political agenda. Why didn’t he run in the states he was living in? Clearly, for being a Harvard graduate, he’s not too smart on taxes, is he? Everybody laughs, saying I came from wrestling. But at least I knew when I wrestled in 40 states, I had to pay taxes in those 40 states. You just have to do the paperwork. I find it unbelievable that someone who could go to Harvard didn’t know that or let it slip. Blaming his accountant is worse, because now he’s turning into a politician. He’s not accepting responsibility for his actions.”

Further proof of the over-rating of Ivy League schools? Or just of washed-up SNL alumni?

UPDATE: So he’s decided that he isn’t running, or so I read. Not that I really care too much. I still love the joke at Franken’s expense.


2 Responses

  1. This isnt 1998. Not gonna happen regardless if he runs or not.

  2. Ben, thanks for dropping by! I have no doubt that you’re right; truth be told, I have little interest in the election, and no particular fond-ness for Ventura. Really, I just wanted further to disseminate that knock on Franken.

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