Obama, oh boy! NAFTA, FISA, USA PATRIOT Act, and the politics of consensus

Viewed in a certain way, you can argue that everything Obama has done is consistent with his general views and his habit of avoiding confrontation, but this is not very flattering for Obama and it is even less flattering for his conservative admirers. As a supporter of the PATRIOT Act, Obama has never exactly been a champion on civil liberties, so when he said that he would filibuster the FISA bill it was may have been nothing more than pandering and a refusal to court confrontation during the primaries. Once he became the nominee, he wanted to avoid confrontation with the telecoms and the executive, which was easy enough since he has been a fair-weather civil libertarian all along, because to be anything else would be to court resistance and opposition from entrenched power in the government and the media.

                                                           –The nonpareil Daniel Larison

The few of you who read this, loyally or occasionally, have, doubtless, noticed that I spend far more time criticizing Senator Obama than Senator McCain. Know that I support him no more than I support his presumptive opponent; however, I feel that people more than willingly recognize his faults, where-as the cult of Obama has so obfuscated the truth about where the senator from Illinois stands and how willingly he plays the games of the political world into which he has entered as an “out-sider”. This being the case, any effort taken to dis-credit the hack from Hyde Park is well worth the effort.

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  2. So, I just wrote a lengthy reply describing why I’m voting Obama over McCain. Then I submitted without my mail address and lost everything.

    Anyway, you should explain why you don’t think Obama will be a better president than McCain. And if you really want to tackle something, I’d like to see you try and make an argument describing why McCain would be better than Obama.
    Actually, the more I think about it the dumber it seems. Why would anyone who isn’t either filthy rich, in the military, or extremely religious vote for McCain? (other than blatant racism, which honestly might explain the entire thing)

  3. Just one more thing.
    I’m holding out hope that the biggest douchebag politician I’ve ever seen in my life soon becomes McCai’s running mate. I’m sure you’ve seen this clip, but here it is again:

  4. I have no interest making the one-is-better-than-the-other because, well, I think both, for some differing and some overlapping reasons, are inept and unworthy.

    I had not seen that clip. Oh. My. Gosh.

  5. Thats pretty weak man.
    Even if you don’t like either candidate you must prefer one over the other. There are too many important issues to look at and take sides on.
    Even if you hate both so much that you won’t vote for either, at some point you must prefer one over the other.

    If you don’t then I’d like to hear why not. Its not as if they’re at all alike.

  6. Why must I prefer one over the other. Both, I think, have expressed terrible foreign policy ideas; neither, I fear, has much respect for the Constitution; and neither seems to have particular good, fresh ideas about the economy.

    I think that you give Obama too much credit by suggesting that they’re not at all alike.

    If I absolutely must pick one over the other — I shall not vote for him, though — I bitterly side with McCain, for two reasons.

    1. He’s better on abortion.
    2. As I explained in this post, I know what evil, stupid things to expect from President McCain. The measurable, marked difference between Obama the Exulted, as he and his supporters have tried to present him, and the real Obama, as his words and actions have revealed, more than suffice to leave me wondering just which stupid, evil things President Obama may do.

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