Thank you, Andrew Sullivan

I don’t read Sullivan often (enough); I should. I don’t always agree with the man, but I certainly respect him, if not all of the choices that he’s made in his personal life. Some of his actions not-with-standing (We all sin, of course; I, for sure, am no exception to this.), he, I believe, truly loves and respects the Holy Mother Church. His response to PZ Myers very much exemplifies this, as well as a broader understanding and respect for a modicum of civility. Thank you, Andrew, and thanks to John Schwenkler for linking to the post and drawing my attention there-to.

It is one thing to engage in free, if disrespectful, debate. It is another to repeatedly assault and ridicule and abuse something that is deeply sacred to a great many people. Calling the Holy Eucharist a “goddamned cracker” isn’t about free speech; it’s really about some baseline civility. Myers’ rant is the rant of an anti-Catholic bigot. And atheists and agnostics can be bigots too.


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