Rush Limbaugh, pain-fully succinctly, on conservatism

Ross links to a transcript from Rush with Ross, Mickey Edwards, and Bill Moyers. This line is a doozy:

RUSH: We’re talking the difference here between Republicans and conservative. You know, “conservative” doesn’t have any modifiers. Conservative has a singular foundation: individual liberty.

Not community, nor culture, nor tradition? Mis-understand me not: I believe that individual liberty is fundamental, but, I aver, it is, decidedly, not the “singular foundation” of conservatism. Of classical liberalism, perhaps; but not of conservatism. Maybe, Rush has shown his true colors, then.


3 Responses

  1. Give me Russell Kirk or Edmund Burke, please.

  2. I second that, Kyle. As I thought about the transcript and your comment, I recalled a conversation on a Facebook group’s page, in the wake of Buckley’s death, where-in a few group members debated who will — or, at least, should — replace Buckley as the grand leader, so to speak, of conservatism (not that I necessarily subscribe to all of the aspects of WFB, Jr’s, conservatism). The two main candidates were Limbaugh and George F. Will. I read Will’s Statecraft as Soulcraft a few year ago, and, despite its appearing to be a bit left-wing economically at times, it struck me as being much more legitimately conservative than what most main-stream right-wing pundits, writers, and “thinkers” proffer these days; in fact, one even finds a positive review from Kirk on the back cover. Particularly, perhaps, because I come from rural Middle America, I can, to some extent, understand the appeal of Limbaugh to the masses of people who think of them-selves as conservatives, but who aren’t intellectually conservative; never-the-less, that Limbaugh (as well as O’Reilly, Hannity, and Savage) represent the face of conservative thought in this country truly worries me.

  3. Mickey Edwards will be my guest on News Talk Online on Monday July 21 at 5 PM New York time.

    To talk to him please go to and click on the link. There is no charge.


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