Acceptable jokes for comedians to make about Obama.

Finally, some good jokes about Obama! Late night television, rejoice!

What do you call a guy who preaches vacuous refrains of “Hope!” and “Change!”, exciting and deluding the masses, and then admits to being willing to violate the sovereignty of another nation and votes to gut the Fourth Amendment?

What do you call a guy whose first act as president would be, as he told attendees of a Planned Parenthood Action Event fund, to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, but believes that father-hood begins at conception?

What do you call a guy who could dis-own his pastor no more than he could dis-own his “racist” white grand-mother, and then, a week later, dis-owns his pastor?

What do you call an eloquent, vibrant black leader, a veritable savior, it seems, of the Democratic Party and of America, whose testicles even Jesse Jackson wants to remove?

As the Smiths sang, “But that joke isn’t funny anymore. It’s too close to home.” And it’s on us, not on him.


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