Indiana Common-sense and D.C’s re-action to Heller

Having, long ago, cast aside any meaning-ful connections that I may have held to the ideology of the GOP, I’m not, by default, the biggest fan of Mark Souder, a U.S. Congressman from Indiana’s third district (even if he has a degree from my alma mater). Never-the-less, I’m happy to see him displaying some good old-fashioned Indiana common-sense:

“[The D.C. government’s] intent is basically to try to get around the court ruling,” Souder said. “In other words, ban the gun, keep all the strict registration, track all the ammunition and, in effect, keep a D.C. gun ban fully operating as if there hadn’t been a court decision.”

He’s pushed the congressional levers to force a vote on his bill to overturn the city’s ban of semiautomatic handguns, its registration requirements and its limits on ammunition.

Read the whole story in Fort Wayne, IN’s Journal Gazette, here.

Maybe some of what Souder wants to accomplish is a bit extreme, but he’s right on the money suggesting that Fenty and the people’s council wish to do their best to ignore the Court’s decision in Heller.


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