Truth be told, I should prefer not to be stimulated, even if I needn’t pay $4.95 per minute.

Some-thing leaves me feeling particularly un-easy about the Democrats’ “Son of Stimulus” (Really, “Son of Stimulus”? Whether the creative title assigned by the majority party or the article’s author, this is just an un-believably stupid name.) plan to issue a re-peat of this spring’s “economic stimulus”. Perhaps, the following helps to explain my lack of confidence:

As for economists, some say it’s a good idea, if done differently from Round 1, but many are skeptical that money can start to circulate through the economy quickly enough. One reason for their concern: Surveys are finding that a major chunk of the money already doled out is going into savings instead of spending.

Saving, I believe, is a very good thing; perhaps, I err. Never-the-less, if, as seems to be the case, others agree me, and act upon such belief, rather than adhering to the words of consolation President Bush offered in the wake of 11 September 2001, to wit, “Go shopping!” (or some-thing to that effect), why ought the government, hoping to stimulate the economy, to return money to the tax-payers instead of, say, paying off a slight bit more of the im-moral debt that it has, in various incarnations over the decades, incurred?

Mis-understand me not, I implore: I rather like the idea of hard-working (and, even, lazy!) Americans keeping their in-come; how-ever, incurring the expense necessary to collect the too-high taxes and then compounding that with the expense of returning part of those same taxes seems to be the height of fiscal imprudence. Maybe, if we wish, truly, to stimulate the economy, we ought to let it follow a natural course, which, sad to say, involves low spots, rather than trying to rescue companies that, hitherto having been dubbed “too big to fail”, now, fail; we ought to re-think the role of the Federal Reserve; we ought to stop wasting so much damn money policing the world and violating the sovereignty of other nations. And then, you know, stop taxing the hell out of American workers and structuring the economy to favor the corporation with no meaning-ful relationship to the towns where it does busy, or to the land it rapes through agri-business practices. I could just be crazy, though.

On a side-note, I wonder, what is wrong with an economic structure that allows for the existence of companies that are “too big to fail” that fail, any-way?


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