“Counting to four” (I love Leslie Feist.)

Matthew Yglesias has posted the awesome YouTube video of Feist, singing “Counting to Four”, a charming, directed-toward-children self-parody of her “1234”, on Sesame Street. So cool. Check it out, here.

The Sude, posting this video at TAS, linked to me, as well as to Yglesias. The publicity has inflated my blog stats; as long as people keep showing up at this page, I figure I’ll give them a bit more. So, enjoy the following:

YouTube video of “1234”.

“1234” on The Late Show

On Jimmy Kimmel’s bus, playing “I Feel It All”, which I, personally, prefer over “1234”.

And, un-related to Feist, but awesome, none-the-less: Bonnie “Prince” Billy, live, playing “You Want That Picture”, a song to which I cannot stop listening.



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