Barack Obama is the new David Hasselhoff.

From “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live

Norm MacDonald: I don’t care about your stupid trip!! Look, just tell me how you would characterize — in one sentence — the way Germans feel about you.

David Hasselhoff: Well, I’ve always been fortunate to get a very positive response from the Germans–

Norm MacDonald: Oh, my God! This is no time for false modesty! We’re runnin’ late, we gotta wrap this thing up! Do Germans love you?

David Hasselhoff: Well, “love” is an awfully strong word…

Norm MacDonald: [hand to head] Oh, listen, David, uh… Let’s say a guy had a theory, all right?

David Hasselhoff: All right.

Norm MacDonald: A theory that he’s devoted several years of his life to. And let’s say he has a lot of evidence to back up this theory of his.

David Hasselhoff: All right.

Norm MacDonald: [puts a large pile of documents, file folders, etc., on desk — Hasselhoff is stunned] Now, don’t you think it would just be common courtesy to help that guy out, you know, and not – not ruin his life?

David Hasselhoff: Listen, I don’t know what you want me to say here, pal.

Norm MacDonald: Oh my God, here, I’ll write it down. [searches his pockets for a pencil, finds one, scribbles something on a piece of paper and gives it to David] Here! Say this!

David Hasselhoff: [puzzled, reads from paper] “Germans love me.”

[Camera pans quickly from Hasselhoff to a beaming MacDonald who addresses the camera.]

Norm MacDonald: Which once again proves my theory: Germans love David Hasselhoff! [Cheers and applause.] And that’s the news! See you next time. Thank you, David. [fusses with his pile of documents]

David Hasselhoff: [waves good-bye] Auf wiedersehen! [?], meine liebe! Auf wiedersehen! Auf wiedersehen!

Nicole Wynands, my class-mate and friend, who comes from Aachen, Germany: “We don’t love Hasselhoff any-more!”

BERLIN – Cheered by an enormous international crowd, Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama on Thursday summoned Europeans and Americans together to “defeat terror and dry up the well of extremism that supports it” as surely as they conquered communism a generation ago.

[ . . . ]
“People of Berlin, people of the world, this is our moment. This is our time,” he declared.
[ . . . ]
Knots of bystanders waited along Obama’s motorcade route for him to pass. One man yelled out in English, “Yes, we can,” the senator’s campaign refrain, when he emerged from his car to enter his hotel.

For his speech, Obama drew loud applause as he strode confidently across a large podium erected at the base of the Victory Column in Tiergarten Park in the heart of Berlin.

The crowd spilled away from the Column for blocks. Police spokesman Bernhard Schodrowski said there were more than 200,000 people, nearly three times the 75,000 Obama drew in Oregon this spring in his largest previous audience.

Germans love Barack Obama! He’s the new Hasselhoff! Whether we should rejoice or fear that two hundred thousand frenzied Germans love a charismatic leader who wishes to remake the world I leave to the readers to judge.


2 Responses

  1. For some reason, everyone neglects to mention that Obama spoke at a Free Concert.

    Maybe all those thousands of young Germans turned up for the two bands that were playing instead of coming to hear a speach in english.

    Nah, Obama’s charisma is so powerful it transcends language.

    More Kool Aid anyone?

  2. An interesting point, TV – but how often do 200,000 people show up for free concerts?

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