America?! No, you serve the president.

Having, yesterday, finally, finished The American Republic, I found the head-line article of to-day’s Washington Post, “Internal Justice Dept. Report Cites Illegal Hiring Practices“, to be incredibly apropos.

Under the patriarchal . . . systems, there is, properly speaking, no state, no citizens, and the organization is economical rather than political. Authority — even the nation itself — is personal, not territorial. The patriarch, the chief of the tribe, or the king, is the only proprietor. [My emphasis. – NPO] – Orestes Brownson, The American Republic, page nineteen.

The despot is a man attempting to be God upon earth, and to exercise a usurped power. – Idem, page twenty-three.

The danger that the General government will usurp the rights of the States is far less than the danger that the Executive will will usurp all the powers of Congress and the judiciary. – Idem, page one hundred and seventy-nine.

A sample of what Monica Goodling asked job candidates at the Justice Department: “[W]hat is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?” [My emphasis. – NPO]

Mayhap, we, in the United States, have reverted to the barbaric constitutions of the ancient world?


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