House sweet it is!

Loathing sappy “reality” television, dis-daining garish, un-necessarily large houses, and, well, tending at times toward misanthropy, I think that this is truly wonderful:

Symbolic to our era like a sledgehammer to drywall, the biggest house that ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” ever made over — a sprawling, four-bedroom starter castle, a three-car garage mahal with a turret and all — has gone into foreclosure, in the ‘burbs south of Atlanta.

Eighteen hundred volunteers demolished the Harpers’ house, which suffered an over-flowing septic tank and replaced it with the biggest house on the street. Reading the article, I infer that the family had endured some financial struggles. Never-the-less, I just can’t feel too sorry for the Harpers and every-one else who, having bought into the “bigger is better” mentality, now faces the cluster-fuck that is the bottoming-out housing market. Really, only Milton Harper’s sending a right-cross toward Ty Pennington’s schmaltzy-tear-soaked cheek.


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