Oliver North (He was just poured into that uniform!) on Afghanistan, Globalism, and Obama’s Stupid Effing Idea

Read it here, on RealClearPolitics.

KABUL, Afghanistan — This place should have had real appeal to Sen. Barack Obama. The poverty of the Afghan people is evident everywhere. Racked by decades of Soviet occupation, civil war and an oppressive Taliban theocracy, the country is a veritable centerpiece for one of Obama’s legislative objectives: a frontal assault on global poverty.

Regrettably, when Sen. Obama was here last week to play basketball for the cameras, neither he nor any of the media sycophants traveling with him mentioned the Global Poverty Act of 2007, legislation that he introduced Dec. 7, 2007. The bill — which now has 23 co-sponsors — requires the president and his administration to “develop and implement a comprehensive strategy” to achieve “the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide … who live on less than $1 per day.”

[ . . . ]

Could it be that Sen. Obama didn’t want to remind the American people that his landmark legislation was lifted straight from the agenda of the globalists at the United Nations? They call the idea their “Millennium Development Goals.” Was Obama trying to avoid questions about how we would pay our share? It would have been nice if the masters of the media who accompanied him here to Afghanistan — or everywhere else he stopped to take pictures for his photo album — had bothered to ask.

I wish I had some-thing deeper to offer, but, really, I think “What a stupid effing idea!” says it all. Really, sponsoring legislation to end world poverty? I forget which article of the Constitution covers this one. Also, with what money wishes Senator Obama to end this poverty?


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