McCain the “Maverick”?

The AP reports that the McCain campaign has asked Chief Deputy House Minority Whip (Say that, quickly, five times!) Eric Cantor (R-VA) for personal documents as the senator continues the search for his running mate.

Since his four terms in the Virginia House of Delegates starting in the early 1990s, Cantor has been part of the anti-tax wing of Virginia’s Republican Party. His longtime advocacy for business and corporate interests in the General Assembly earned Cantor the derisive nickname “Overdog” from Democrats in Richmond.

Cantor is Jewish and is among Israel’s most avid congressional supporters. His addition to the ticket could help the GOP win over Jewish votes this year. If McCain wins, Cantor would become the first Jewish vice president.

McCain has a campaign ad. running, on the television, wherein the announcer refers to the Arizonan’s reputation as a maverick. We’re supposed to believe that a candidate, of either party, eyeing an elected official who possesses a reputation for “advocacy for business and corporate interests” and “is among Israel’s most avid congressional supporters” is a maverick? Give me a break.


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