Light posting

I must apologize for the even-lighter-than-usual posting of late: A make-up project, for a spring class, for which, presently, my group partner and I have an Incomplete grade; normal course-work for my summer session Urban Planning Law; and the frustration associated with not knowing whether I’ll remain in school or withdraw (and, would the latter be the case, what sort of sufficient employment I might secure) all have coalesced in an effort to divert me from the trajectory that, with no little pain, I had finally begun to follow, videlicet a schedule that involved my sleeping reasonably normal hours, reading regularly, and starting the day with a walk and ending the night with a run. For me, intrinsic in such poor schedule-following as in which I have partaken lies an unexampled ability to waste countless hours of the day, shifting debilitated mental powers, aimlessly, from one un-finished task to the next. Even mid-week, medium-level Sudoku puzzles prove to be peculiarly trouble-some for me; cogitating, dedicatedly, upon matters relevant to this web-log has happened to be virtually impossible, which stresses me especially because multifarious ideas have crossed my mind, and I’ve found my-self incapable of generating lucid thoughts pertinent to them. Soon, I hope, I shall return to the better course. For now, expect continued light posting. I humbly apologize.

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