Czech it out! And Go Irish!

I don’t really give a damn about the Red Olympics, but I’m pumped to see that the Czech Republic, ancestral home-land of the Dolezals, has taken the first gold of the year! Way to go, Katerina!

Also of note, the United States’ first gold come courtesy of Notre Dame fencer Mariel Zagunis. Nice.


If Hell ever fills to capacity, . . .

Detroit could use a population-boost. From the article:

Mr. White, testified that he suffered a fractured hip after being shoved into his partner by Mr. Kilpatrick, who played football in college. Mr. White also said that Mr. Kilpatrick, who is black, had criticized his partner for working on the case and told her that as a black woman, “You shouldn’t even be riding in a car with a guy named White.”


Also from the article; I’m not sure that this is a good thing:

Mr. Kilpatrick’s office released a statement saying that his chief of staff, Kandia Milton, would serve as acting mayor. “Residents can be assured government will continue to operate as usual,” the statement said.

Assured, indeed.

Zing of the day

James, reaching, to-day, the zenith of wit, ponders, regarding John Edwards’ admitting to having had an affair (but not to having fathered Mistress Hunter’s love-child), “When You’re Living in Two Americans . . . how can you be expected to have only one woman?” How very true.