If Hell ever fills to capacity, . . .

Detroit could use a population-boost. From the article:

Mr. White, testified that he suffered a fractured hip after being shoved into his partner by Mr. Kilpatrick, who played football in college. Mr. White also said that Mr. Kilpatrick, who is black, had criticized his partner for working on the case and told her that as a black woman, “You shouldn’t even be riding in a car with a guy named White.”


Also from the article; I’m not sure that this is a good thing:

Mr. Kilpatrick’s office released a statement saying that his chief of staff, Kandia Milton, would serve as acting mayor. “Residents can be assured government will continue to operate as usual,” the statement said.

Assured, indeed.


One Response

  1. I guess that in looking at things as black and white Kilpatrick takes it to another level. I just had to say this. Seriously though, he has to be one of the most bigoted people that I can think of and yet he’s mayor of Detroit! Whether Kilpatrick makes his bigoted statements to unite the likewise bigoted constituents that he has or because this is what he truly believes is equally disturbing.
    As to the statement that Milton released during the brief time that he took over, it was ridiculous. I saw it on TV. I saw the main Kilpatrick cronies behind Milton. I almost have to wonder if Milton, when releasing his statement, was trying to convince us or convince himself. Before I forget, I heard that City Council is investigating whether Kilpatrick had the ability to appoint Milton as his fill-in. Supposedly, Ken Cockrell, Jr, as City Council President, should have filled in for Kilpatrick. If this turns out to be true, then it’ll be yet another thing that Kilpatrick will get nailed or, at least, accused of.

    Jose A. Rodriguez

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