Further indication that I shouldn’t be at the University of Maryland?

As some readers may know, either from conversation with me or from a previous post, I’ve been considering, quite strongly, withdrawing from the University of Maryland. Doing my best to exhaust all options, I’ve contacted multiple departments for which I might be even slightly qualified as a teaching assistant, hoping, against hope, that one program or another might, in a state of desperation, having too few interested graduate students of its own, be willing to give me a chance. Perusing the University’s (seemingly comprehensive) list (Go ahead, check it out!) of departments, majors, and certificate programs, I realized something absolutely absurd and inexcusable — especially for a “public Ivy” that is the flag-ship University of a State University System: This school does not offer a bachelor of arts in theology or religious studies (except for a major in Jewish Studies), a field of great significance, practically (Obviously!) and academically (Theology is was known as the Queen of the Sciences!), even without having to adhere to any particular doctrine, but offers a certificate in LGBT Studies.

This blows my freakin’ mind. Not that mediocrity from this University surprises me.


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