A burden lifted

It seems that I will not be withdrawing from the University of Maryland, after all. I received notice that the teaching assistantship that I had hoped to have, but which ended up not vacating, has opened, and I can avoid falling further into debt. I cannot, without acting hypocritically, rescind the complaints that I’ve made about the University (and the state), but I, nonetheless, look forward to finishing my degree, to gaining some teaching experience, and to no longer feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. A beer before eleven doesn’t scream “Alcoholic!”, does it?


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Nathan. And I think – or at least I seem to remember from my tailgating days – that you are indeed supposed to wait until 11 (or was it 10?) for that first drink. Before then, only mimosas and bloody Marys (not drinks, of course) are allowed.

  2. Thanks, John!

    I waited ’til eleven fifteen, and then enjoyed a beer. I could have done better than Yuengling Light (No offense meant to PA!), but it’s all we had.

  3. I agree that the lack of a theology program is disgraceful, but that’s sadly become increasingly common (a symptom of our inability to distinguish between education and vocational instruction). That aside, however, is College Park really such a bad place?

  4. If by “College Park”, you refer to UMD, no, it’s not such a bad place; I have dealt with my share of frustrations, though, primarily within my program. The place has its high points, though.

    If by “College Park”, you refer to the City of College Park, well, there’s little to the city, save a few strip malls and bars over-run by hormonal Greeks. I enjoy one townie dive bar, but otherwise spend little time in the city. Even Hyattsville offers better fare, in the form of Franklin’s, an amazing brewpub.

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