More on Senator Tom “Dr. No” Coburn

Politico offers this report:

The Senate Ethics Committee has told Republican Sen. Tom Coburn that he’ll be engaged in a “serious violation of Senate rules” if he continues delivering babies back home in Oklahoma.

Coburn’s response: So what?

“On my own time, I’m taking care of women who have a need, and I’m going to continue to deliver babies,” Coburn, an obstetrician, told Politico. “I’m not going to stop.”

Coburn would not say specifically whether he has actually delivered a baby since the June 22 deadline set by the Ethics Committee, but he made it clear that he could deliver one any day now — and thereby force the Ethics Committee to put up or shut up.

[ . . . ]

Coburn, known for tying up the Senate in procedural knots, thinks he has the upper hand.

If the Ethics Committee actually gets to the point where it calls for a public reprimand, Coburn can appeal to the full Senate for a vote, and he’s betting that he’d win a vote if 100 senators were asked whether he should be allowed to deliver babies for free — especially since most of his patients are “at risk,” meaning they could be drug users, uninsured or poor patients, or women with high-risk pregnancies.

Say what one will about his tactical tying up of Senate procedures, to suggest that delivering babies, gratis, for at-risk women is in violation of ethics suggests to me that something is intrinsically wrong with how the Senate defines ethics. Keep those babies coming, Senator.


One Response

  1. It makes one wonder what the Senate would try to do to a Senator who was really ethically challenge. Oh wait, we know that already. Usually it is nothing.

    As an Oklahoman, I am proud to have Tom Coburn as one of our Senators. He is doing exactly what we elected him to do. Kudos to him.

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