The Democrats’ schizophrenia on abortion

Steve Waldman posts the draft for the 2008 platform plank on in utero infanticide and then comments on it.

It’s interesting — and a bit confounding: On the one hand, as Waldman acknowledges, pro-lifers within the party’s ranks had more of a chance than ever in recent years to participate in the drafting of the plank; however, gone is the “safe, legal, and rare” line, still missing is the long-sought-by-Democrats-for-life conscience clause, and, violating both pro-life and libertarian principles, the plank implies the approval of government funding for abortions.

This, to me, inclusion of pro-life liberals in the process notwithstanding, sounds more like a radical shift further to the pro-choice side, covered up with a veneer of disingenuous courting of the Joe Donnellys, Bob Conleys, and Travis Childerses of the party, than any sort of real spirit of big-tent inclusion.


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