Pakistan: I have no idea what to think.

Rarely feel I ambivalently about any action taken by President Bush: occasionally, I support him vehemently; often, I oppose his decision, sometimes quite vociferously.

From Mort Kondracke, in Politico:

President Bush is cutting loose his old ally, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, in hopes that Pakistan will end up a stable democratic ally like South Korea or the Philippines.

But Pakistan also could go the way of Iran after President Jimmy Carter abandoned the Shah in 1979.

The stakes could not be higher. Pakistan already has nuclear weapons. It is a central front in the war on terror. And it is besieged by Islamic extremists who already have a secure operating base in the country.

Generally, I should like to rejoice at any point when I learn that the president “is cutting loose” another nation, insofar as I hope that this signals some sort of anti-interventionist prudence. However, I doubt that an action such as this, on the part of President Bush, is so cut-and-dry; who knows what this really entails? Moreover, Kondracke makes offers some painfully lucid points about Pakistan and the Iranian past. Time will reveal in which direction the Pakistanis tend; I have my doubts. Nonetheless, my inner-Robert Taft smiles at this “cutting loose”.


2 Responses

  1. It is time to put America first.

  2. What, and actually follow the advice of the Founding Fathers? Get out.

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