Defrock him.

From Catholic New Service:

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Maryknoll Father Roy Bourgeois will meet Aug. 18 with the three members of his order’s General Council to discuss his participation in a recent ceremony sponsored by Roman Catholic Womenpriests.

[ . . . ]

“In conscience I felt I had to be there,” he said.

“I see (my participation) connected in a real way in my work for justice in Latin America, speaking out against the war in Iraq and connected to the injustice in my church here at home,” added Father Bourgeois, who is best known for his 19-year effort to close a U.S. Army school at Fort Benning, Ga., that trains soldiers from throughout Latin America.

“Who are we as men to say to Janice and these other women that we are called but not you?” asked the priest. “This is a big issue for me. I feel we are tampering with the sacred, that we are in a way overwriting God’s call. Who are we to say that our call as men is valid, your call as women is not valid?

“I’ve come to the realization that women could be ordained in our Catholic Church,” he said.

I wish, presently, to offer only one thought on the matter: If these women truly feel that they have been called to serve God as priests in the Roman Catholic Church, then, necessarily, they recognize that the Church is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, right? Be this the case, ought they not to work within the framework of the organized Church to set right what two millennia of patriarchal sexism has led astray? Undergoing “ordination” in a splinter cell seems, contrarily, to be a manifestation of, at best, a theological schizophrenia rooted in a failure to elevate God about self; at worst, a brazen defiance of the Church for the sake of drawing attention (as it has mine). Either way, I cry, “Smite the heretics!”


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