Taki the Élite

Here is a man whose grandfather and father were admirals, and who led a squadron of fighters in Vietnam and spent five years in a Vietnamese dungeon, and because he married a woman who happens to own houses is suddenly accused of being an elitist. First of all, what is wrong about being an elitist? Would the Washington elite prefer him to be living in a trailer park? The Clintons have made over 125 million big ones by serving the interests of Saudi scum and other low lifes, and here we have the media accusing an honorable man of being elitist.

Taki has asked the one question that I have pondered form some time: “[W]hat is wrong about being an elitist?” What is wrong about it? Heaven forfend the leader of the free world be at all cultivated and possessed of manners, mannerisms, and traits of the upper crust.


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  1. […] August 22, 2008, 9:10 pm Filed under: conservatism, media/culture, politics Nathan Origer asks what’s so wrong with John McCain’s elitism. I think it has something to do with the […]

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