Why even have we conventions anymore?

Seriously, as meaningless as they are, why have to endure them? Are our “leaders” really so self-indulgent — and the media so sycophantically accommodating — that we continue these week-long parades of platitudes, populist appeals, pedantic lectures on oil policy (or whichever issue you prefer), improbable promises, and pathetic pandering (not to mention presumptuousness!)? Personally — and this probably puts me in a hardly measurable minority –, I should like to see us do away with presidential primaries, reverting, instead, to conventions at which party members decide upon a nominee after arguing, bickering, and back-room dealings. That, or the end of the conventions. Or both? Or the end of the Repulocratic duopoly. Or the fiction that is the modern state, particularly in the absurdly abstract form known as the United States of America.

“Eye of the Tiger”? Really? I want to shoot myself. I need to change the channel.


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