I seem to have misspoken!

Fortunately, Timothy Egan, of the venerable New York Times, has set me straight. Governor Palin is “[m]litantly anti-choice”.


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  1. What I say here is found in books that anyone can find on the Internet (www.amazon.com or http://www.bn.com) or rare bookstores. Do you realize that many women are supporting a group whose founder spoke highly of the Nazis’ practices and teachings in the 1930s and 1940s, and who wrote books with racists wordings and ugly eugenics practices, such as getting rid of those kids who were deformed or had genetic problems?

    What group and founder are I talking about? Let me give you some idea what this founder wrote in her books (yes, she is a woman). This female founder refers to people who are epileptics, feeble-minded, blind, deaf, mute, etc. as:

    –> “…this dead weight of human waste…” that is “…the terrific cost to the community…”

    This female says, “‘Constructive’ Eugenics…shows us that we are paying for and even submitting to the dictates of an ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all…”

    Lovely, isn’t it?

    And then she refers to these problem people this way:

    –> “Every single case of inherited defect, every malformed child, every congenitally tainted human being brought into this world is of infinite importance to that poor individual; but it is of scarcely less importance to the rest of us and to all of our children who must pay in one way or another for these biological and racial mistakes.”

    She also said that large families should kill some of their children so as to save “resources” for others.

    How about this idea which is similar to the Nazis’ propaganda during the 1930s?

    –> “On its scientific side, Eugenics suggest the reestablishment of the balance between the fertility of the “fit” and the “unfit.” ”

    In one of her publications, a magazine review, persons sympathetic to the Nazis’ practices and even German Nazis themselves wrote articles for her. In other documents, she refers to the supremacy of the white race over the other races. Isn’t great that she wrote side-by-side with those Nazis?

    What are these books and materials to which I refer?

    “The Pivot of Civilization”

    “Woman and the New Race”

    “The Birth Control Review”

    Who is the author of this trash?
    Who is this supporter of the Nazi eugenic practices?


    Do people think that Jewish women are blind to Margaret Sanger’s promotion of racial eugenics? Let me quote something from her that both she and Planned Parenthood standby:

    –> “By education, by persuasion, by appeals to racial ethics and religious motives, the ardent Eugenicist hopes to increase the fertility of the “fit.” ”

    Planned Parenthood refers to her as a Woman of Valor. Do you like that term? Not all of us Jewish women are now blind to what Planned Parenthood is doing to women all over the world. Are you?

    AND note also that the Gay / Lesbian Groups ALL support Planned Parenthood WITHOUT any reservations also!

    a Jewish woman who was deceived and attacked by Planned Parenthood and who also lost relatives in the Holocaust, thanks to Margaret Sanger

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