More Israeliphilia? Or: I thought Pakistan was our ally, too!

From today’s Washington Post:

HYDERABAD, India, Sept. 6 — International negotiators revoked a 34-year-old ban on nuclear trade with India on Saturday and backed a contentious nuclear energy agreement between the country and the United States.

As I’ve discussed before, “the West” (lovely white-washed replacement for “Christendom”, eh?), fearing that the mad Persian might unleash upon the Holy Land (or, more accurate, the shining example of Middle Eastern democracy whereby we hope to judge our successes at nation-state-building in this volatile part of the world, various political cultures be damned), has adamantly opposed Iranian nuclear activity, even if Ahmadinejad truly possesses the still-distressing, but not terrifying, desire simply to produce nuclear energy in his nation-state. We cannot permit him to gain such an upper-hand over Israel, which owns only a trivial one hundred-plus nuclear weapons and enjoy the support of the entirety of “the West” behind it — hardly sufficient reason to impel Iran not to disburse its would-be arsenal, of course.

With India, it seems, the story is different. Ostensibly, and worrisomely, Red China’s growth and potential threat justifies this substantial change in policy. Corporate America, too, wins. Major General Butler, it seems, was right.

Supporters called the deal a foreign policy triumph that would position India as a strategic counter to China’s rising power. The deal will open the door for American companies to build reactors in and supply fuel to India, generating business worth more than $100 billion.

Scanning the Post‘s article, one finds not a single mention of India’s neighbor and long-time adversary, Pakistan. Granted, presently, Pakistan’s worries extend quite beyond disputed territories, but this ought to give us pause. Iran, which has limited its harassment of Israel to indirect means and, I am convinced, has no legitimate interest in exceeding this (because “the West” would “pwn” Iran in a heartbeat were Israel to face direct militaristic threat), consistently incurs opposition to its wishes to develop nuclear energy, whilst India receives a free pass. One can hardly fault the Red Chinese for opposing this, as the article notes, particularly because the agreement includes no requirement that India continue to refrain from nuclear testing. It need only abide by its self-imposed moratorium, despite concerns expressed by the Irish (those perspicacious Celts who subverted the Lisbon Treaty!), Austrians, and New Zealanders. As much as I fear and loathe totalitarian China, I cannot fathom that such risky Western behavior works toward establishing peace and tranquility. Methinks I hear, coming from immediately south of my suburban Maryland house, the faint sounds of drummers tuning their instruments readying themselves in case the War Party’s Subcontinental imprudence, or desire to seek revenge on General Sherman (ah, American Jacobinism!), would extend so far as to require the percussionists’ service. Heaven help us.


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