The Hobbesian-Hamiltonian curse

Robert Higgs: “The people who ratified the original Constitution never intended the presidency to be a powerful office spawning “great men.” Article II, Sections 2-4, which enumerate the powers of the president, comprise but four paragraphs, most of which deal with appointments and minor duties.”

The founders who ratified the Constitution, of course, were idiots. Clearly. Had they only been possessed of sufficient foresight to know that Franklin Roosevelt, dispatched by God to save the world, could finally have brought to full force the Leviathan and set in motion a model of the presidency that has out-Jacobined the Jacobins, doubtless, they would have composed four times four paragraphs dedicated to the commander-in-chief. Had they recognized the supreme folly of admonishing posterity to avoid foreign entanglements, surely, Sections 5-8, too, would have more completely elucidated the vast powers that they intended to grant to the elected emperor.

Really, just read Higgs’ piece.

A tip of the hat to 2Blowhards for this one.

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