“Where does this authority come from, for this unlimited amount of money?”

Ron Paul takes on Bernanke.

Dr. Paul: “Coins.” Best line ever?

(Hat tip: JJG at the GW Patriot)

Update: Sending this video’s being linked almost full circle (amongst, at least, a certain subset of web-loggers), I post a comment, made by Kevin R.C. Gutzman, at Taki’s Magazine:

Note at the very end that Bernanke tacitly concedes that the act creating the Fed. is unrelated to the Congress’s Article I, Section 8 power to coin money (that is, produce gold and silver coins), but that … he doesn’t care.

Bernanke just does not care. Further proof of the obsolescence of our Constitution. You wouldn’t be surprised to know how few people realized, on 17 September, as I wished them “Happy Constitution Day!” as I tabled for the Terrapin Times, at UMD’s First Look Fair, that on that day, two hundred and twenty-one years ago, the founders of this nation signed that great document.


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